Friday, August 6, 2010

How to bake a cake in your car

Hours later....

Well, it seemed like a good idea, anyway, given how my car is as hot as an oven in this summer heat....

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Blogger Jenny said...

It sure feels like it around here! Reminds me of my failed attempts as a solar oven with my third grade class. ; )

August 6, 2010 at 11:13 AM  
Blogger Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

That's funny! Ok what next, an egg? You should keep experimenting until something does cook. ;•)

August 6, 2010 at 12:00 PM  
Anonymous chelle said...

hahaha I so love that you tried it!!! I am surprised it didn't bake more!

August 6, 2010 at 12:44 PM  
Blogger Keetha Denise Broyles said...

YOU are cracking me up! You really DID try to bake a cake in your car!

Hey - - - I've HEARD you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, have you tried that yet? Show us!

August 6, 2010 at 2:14 PM  
Blogger Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh - - - I see the cake problem - - - you forgot to park your car in the SUN and shut it up tight as a drum!

August 6, 2010 at 2:15 PM  
Blogger Madeline said...

Hehe. About 2 days ago, I'm pretty sure that would have worked here. The summer temps were insane! Hope you're staying cool.

August 6, 2010 at 5:46 PM  
Anonymous Live Laugh Shoot said...


I kept expecting it to work!

Awesome post.


August 6, 2010 at 11:29 PM  
Blogger Insensible said...

The problem was definitely parking in the shade.

You can also move the cake onto the dashboard for extra heat from direct sunlight.

August 7, 2010 at 1:54 AM  
Anonymous Audubon Ron said...

OH SHIT!! You had me. I thought you were going to pull that off.

August 8, 2010 at 12:20 AM  
Blogger scrappysue said...

that's funny, so it never really is 'hot enough to fry an egg on it' huh!?!

August 8, 2010 at 3:25 AM  
Blogger Krystyn said...

Man...I thought it was going to work. However, I'm glad your car doesn't get over 300F...that would be scary!

August 10, 2010 at 11:58 AM  
Blogger Cat (SoFla Mom) said...

Hahaha, this was HILARIOUS.

August 10, 2010 at 6:55 PM  
Blogger Mrsbear said...

Bwahaha. That's awesome. It HAS been that hot. But that cake looks absolutely disgusting. Maybe an omelet next time. :)

August 16, 2010 at 10:57 PM  

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